Share your programs for Universal Children's Day November 20th

November 20th is the Universal Children's Day. To highlight Declaration of the Rights of the Child the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) calls upon all its members to commemorate this important day and share the programs with all the network. Visit our children page here

Children are The forgotten citizens of communication rights, give them a place in your community radio, we accept all duration programs and all languages.

AMARC has an MOU with UNICEF. Contact your national UNICEF representative and inform that your station wild produce a children program on November 20th

How to send your programs?

 Please send your audio programs as soon as possible and/or your written documents regarding this campaign via

 Wetransfer is a web based transfer platform for large files directly over the Internet bypassing email and FTP systems.

 On recipient email write:

 On november 20th let the children's speak out loud!


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