Brasilia 2012





AMARC Calls for Democracy and Diversity in the Era of Technological Convergence

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) held the seminar "Communication Rights, Democracy and Technological Convergence", in Brasilia, Brazil, on November 22, 2012. During the seminar AMARC announced its Global Legislations and Communication Rights Programme to strengthen transfer to the worldwide movement of community radios, the experience in Latin America and the Caribbean. The seminar was preceded on November 21st by a national seminar entitled "For a new legislation for community radios in Brazil".


The seminar was held in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil and counted on the participation of Brazilian Parliamentarians, academics, freedom of expression activists and community radio representatives from all regions of AMARC. The seminar analyzed the challenges of Brazilian legislation on community radio broadcasting; the role of public policy in building pluralistic and inclusive media systems the challenges of technological convergence and the experiences of civil society organizations for freedom of expression and communication rights. In the final declaration, AMARC highlighted the objectives of its Global Legislation and Communication Rights Programme in the era of technological convergence.


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