Nepal Mission 2012

The International Fact finding and Advocacy Media Mission (February 23-27, 2012) to Nepal has concluded with a joint statement by the participating agencies calling for legal and policy reforms at par with international standards and safety of media workers. The Mission has taken place at a crucial juncture in the constitution making process of Nepal. It has renewed its recognition and demand for a comprehensive and progressive media policy that is non discriminatory in relation to all media.

AMARC along with 13 other media and advocacy institutions participated in the Media Mission. Ashish Sen, President of AMARC Asia Pacific and Damian Loreti, constitution and media law expert from AMARC Argentina, participated in the mission. AMARC will be working with the community radio sector of Nepal, the mission members, and donor organizations in implementing the recommendations of the Mission, including advocacy for an inclusive media policy and capacity building of local broadcasters on safety and human rights issues.

Final Report

Press Release