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Caribbean conference click here
High Level Meeting of African and International Leaders
AMARC Europe third conference Click here
AMARC participation at the WSIS Forum Click here
World press freedom day website Click here
The 2013 World Social Forum, take place from 26 to 30 March 2013, in Tunis the capital of Tunisia. Click Here
World Water Day 2013 Click here
Ending Violence Against Women Campaign (with UNwomen) Click here
March 8 International women's day 2013 Click here
AMARC participation on the WSIS+10 Click here
Mission to update the assessment of community media in Tunisia Click here (AMARC MENA)
The Pacific Community Radio Round Tableand the capacity building workshop for community radio broadcasters of the Pacific Region. Click here
 World Radio Day Click here
Training Workshop for Women Community Broadcasters of South Asia for Enhancing access to community media, promoting positive social change and peace building through community broadcasting. Click here
South Asian Seminar on Community Radio Development entitled “Voices for Change and Peace: Taking Stock of Community Radio in South Asia”. Click here
International Migrants Day 2012 Click here
16 days 2012 Click here
AMARC Africa / FORCOM international conference in Maputo, Mozambique. Click here
Communication Rights, Democracy and Technological Convergence. A New Legislation for Community Radios in Brazil: Regulatory Frameworks and Communication Rights. Click here
 Universal Children's Day. Click here
Public Policies and Media Pluralism The Future of Community Radio in Central and East Europe. Click here
Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD2).  -  Click here
World Food Day 2012 - Click here
Training workshop Campaign of local radios to increase citizen participation in the Tunisian constitutional debate. - Click here
Workshop for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) on reporting and production skills for community broadcasting Production Groups and Web Radios. - Click here
Workshop for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) on reporting and production skills for community broadcasting Production Groups and Web Radios. - Click here
AMARC Africa/Namibia Community Radio Network Reinforcement Workshop. - Click here
"Indigenous media: empowering the indigenous voices"  - Right to communicate, indigenous peoples and minority languages. - Click here
AMARC participation as moderator of the sub-group on Community media of the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) action line C9. Media. - Click here
World Press Freedom Day - The community Radio Broadcasters and Communication Rights.- Click here
Communication Rights and Digital Spectrum. - Click here
Communication rights and sustainable development. - Click here
World Water Day 2012 - "Water and Food Security".  -  Click here
AMARC Middle East and North Africa Conference: « Community Media and the Arab Spring ».  - Click here
First Tunisia Community - Associative Media Conference.  -  Click here
March 8, International Women's Day.  -  Click here
First World Radio Day.  -  Click here
Primera misión de observación sobre libertad de expresión en medios de comunicación y radios comunitarias Mapuche.  -  Click here
AMARC Africa Capacity Building Conference: « Enhancing the Impact of Community Broadcasting in Africa».  -  Click here
International Meeting « Community Radios: For a Citizen Information »  -  Click here
17th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-17) held in Durban, South Africa .  -  Click here
The 16 Days Campaign Against Violence on Women 2011: Putting an End to State Violence.  -  Click here
First AMARC Asia Pacific Community Radio Training Forum.  -  Click here Empowering Women In Nepal Through Community Radio .  -  Click here
Community Media Forum Europe - CMFE 2011 Conference .  -  Click here
Amarc celebrate on october 16 2011 the World Food Day.  -  Click here
Fréquences solidaires -  Renforcement de l'économie sociale à travers les radios associatives du Québec et d'Aquitaine.  -  Click here
Call for Action to mark the two-year Anniversary of the Ampatuan Massacre in the Philippines.  -  Click here
International Forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy.  -  Click here
ComDev experts Consultation: “Communication for Development: meeting today’s agriculture and rural development challenges”.  -  Click here
The Inter-Agency meeting on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity.  -  Click here
Development of Community Radio in Tunisia.  -  Click here
First Caribean Conference of AMARC: « Communication, Vulnerability, Disaster Management and Climate Change: The Role of Community Radios ».  -  Click here
AfricaAdapt Climate Change Symposium 2011.  -  Click here
JAPAN: AMARC calls on community broadcasters to rally in support.  -  Click here
March 21st : International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.  -  Click here
AMARC's 2011 celebration of International Women's Day : Voices for Women and participation in Political Processes.  -  Click here
2011 World Social Forum - 6 to 11 February, in Dakar, Senegal.  -  Click here
2nd AMARC-Europe Conference of community radio broadcasters “Communicating Diversity”.  -  Click here
10 Global Conference of Community Radio broadcasters, AMARC 10.  -  Click here
Call for Action to Mark the One-Year Anniversary of the Ampatuan Massacre in the Philippines.  -  Click here
Report of AMARC/PPF Field Mission for Assessing the Communications Needs of Flood Affected Communities in Pakistan.  -  Click here
Elecciones de AMARC ALC, Septiembre 2010.  -  Click here
AMARC Africa, Capacity Building Conference - July 2010.  -  Click here
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)  -  Click here
Conferencia Mundial sobre el Cambio Climático y Derechos de la Madre Tierra.  -  Click here
Chile: Earthquake of 27 February 2010. AMARC calls on community broadcasters to rally in support.  -  Click here
C2nd Regional Conference of AMARC ASIA PACIFIC - Community Radio for Sustainable development and Good Governanceo.  -  Click here
2010 Haiti earthquake : AMARC calls on community broadcasters to rally in support.  -  Click here
AMARC at United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009.  -  Click here
International Seminar - Voice and Empowerment through Community Media : Learning from good practice, strategies for development.  -  Click here
ObsMedia is an initiative of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC).  -  Click here
AMARC Condemns Freedom of Expression Violations in Honduras.  -  Click here
AMARC at the International Conference on Broadcast Media and Climate Change.  -  Click here
AMARC's 4th Pan African Conference : Increasing Effectiveness of Community Radio in Poverty Reduction, Good Governance and Climate Change Adaptation.  -  Click here
AMARC in Beijing - Community Media and Gender.  -  Click here
Gender Policy for Community Radio.  -  Click here
Digital Radio Challenge.  -  Click here
International Symposium 25th Anniversary of AMARC: Empowerment and Development through Community Radio.  -  Click here
Amarc covers on 7 - 12 october 2008 the Americas Social Forum.  -  Click here
AMARC celebrated 25th Anniversary in Asia Pacific with Training for Trainers workshop in Indonesia.  -  Click here
BCO Results Dissemination - Social Impact Assessment of Community Radio.  -  Click here
Fighting Poverty - Utilizing Community Media in a Digital Age.  -  Click here
Community Radio in Europe: Broadcasting on the Edge.  -  Click here
Women's Empowerment and Good Governance trough Community Radio.  -  Click here
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VII International Conference.  Click here
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Bogota International Conference - AMARC 25th Anniversary: community Radios for a Better World.  -  Click here
AMARC at the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference (GK3) .  -  Click here
Community Radio in Africa-Middle East and North Africa: Sharing Experiences for development and democracy building from the grassroots.  -  Click here
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United States Social Forum - Another World is possible, another necessary.  -  Click here
AMARC 9 - Voices of the World, Free the Airwaves -  Click here