» FemLINKPacific's 8th Anniversary Community Radio Campaign coincides with World Media Freedom Day 2012

» l'AMARC réclame la protection des équipes professionnelles et volontaires des radios communautaires

» World Press Freedom Day AMARC calls for a right to communicate for radio broadcasting free, unrestricted and accessible for all!

» World Press Freedom Day 2012: 3rd May 2012: Community Radio Station level in Bangladesh

» UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2012 - Conference Programme

» Comunicadora Mapuche Denuncia a Chile Ante Organismos Internacionales por Vulneración de Derechos de Libertad de Expresión y Comunicación.

» Community Radios Present in the Debates on Freedom of Expression in Chile

AMARC participates in panels and seminars on legislation and the right to communicate, obstacles to freedom of expression regarding the ownership, use and access.

• May 2nd from 9h to 12h, Film Library/Cultural Center in La Moneda. Plaza de la Ciudadanía

• May 3rd from 9h30 to 14h, House of Representatives, Santiago de Chile, Compañía 1175.

The objective is to build opinions and a position on freedom of expression and community radios since its beginnings, with a focus on the last decade, when a presentation in front of Latin-American human rights commissioners, a representation from the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), appealing the Human Rights Interamerican Convention, succeeded to establish a resource in favour of a Latin-American community radio. Full text