Communication Rights and Digital Spectrum

AMARC seminar at the European Parliament (8-9 May 2012)


A major reason for the slow erosion of the radio is the changing environment of citizens over the past 10 years; the public audience discovered the digital platforms and Internet, more and more accessible and mobiles. As a result, we have a new world of all sizes screens: laptop, mobile phone, tablet, GPS or video game console. Besides the environment changes for the citizen, the radio has not really known any major changes in the last 30 years.

To maximize the capabilities of the broadcast, everything calls for a transition to digital broadcast, which, in addition to a better quality of reception, is the only one to allow the simultaneous release of associated data (text or images).

There are many technical standards to broadcast digital radio: DVB, DVB2, DRM, DRM +, DAB, DMB, DAB +, etc., which one to choose? Simply the one who is the more mobile (characteristic of the radio) and who is the most profitable in terms of spectrum allocation (more radio stations at the same number of frequencies)?

These challenges, just to mention a few, will be the main focus of a 2 days seminar that will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels the 8 and 9 of May 2012, a symbolic place for Community Radios, where the resolution of 25 September 2008 was voted acknowledging the important role of Community Media in a pluralistic European media environment. Stay Tuned!


» Documents

- Photos

- Community Radio: A Contribution to the Digital Debate

- European Parliament: AMARC affirms its commitment for media pluralism and a fair access to the analog as well as digital spectrum

- Agenda

- Participant list

- 14 Principles on Democratic Regulation of Community Broadcasting

- 40 Principles for guaranteeing diversity and pluralism in broadcasting and audiovisual communication services

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