DECLARATION: AMARC and Rio+20 Summit: the right to communicate is a necessary condition for sustainable development

We, community radio representatives, wish to highlight that 20 years after the international meeting during which the post-industrial model was challenged for the first time, are facing new conflicts that must be resolved by the fulfilment of the right to communicate and the pursuit of the common good. Read more...

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AMARC at Rio + 20

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AMARC journalists from all regions of the world will cover the multilateral discussions of the Rio+20 Summit as well as of the People’s Summit. In regards to governments’ discussions, coverage will allow to inform local communities of the challenges and limitations of governments’ agenda. In regards to the People’s Summit, AMARC will be giving voice to civil society organizations and allowing the transmission of alternative information to commercial and public broadcasters. The development of community radio as a civil society and citizen media is a necessary complement to commercial and public media in the globalization era, particularly to address and make links on subjects that are both of a global and a very local nature.

Sustainable development

AMARC will use the opportunity for mentoring and doing an on-site training and knowledge exchange among community radio practitioners and for coalition building with social movements and NGOs on the civil society agenda for sustainable development. AMARC will be participating in the Peoples’ Summit by contributing on communication rights and sustainable development. It will also share its experience on partnering and the use of community as the center of a communication process allowing for interactions between governments and civil society actors at the local level for ameliorating livelihoods and  women’s empowerment for sustainable development.

Arena Socioambiental María Pía Matta, presidenta de AMARC
La Vía Campesina marcha en Río de Janeiro Cúpula dos Povos en Río de Janeiro











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RIO+20Cúpula dos Povos