Tunis Conference 2012




The Conference


The working group on the Tunisian Conference and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) organize the first Tunisia community - associative media conference that will be held in Gafsa from 12 to 14 March 2012.

The event will gather more than 60 freedom of expression of communication rights activists from Tunisia, and community and associative radio stakeholders and practitioners from around the world.

The Conference follows support work done by AMARC with the collaboration of International Media Support (IMS) in regards to public policies definition, the establishment of community and associative radios and capacity building of Tunisian civil society actors.



The first Tunisia community - associative media conference will contribute to the capacity building of the community and associative radio broadcasting sector in relation to advocacy, content development and radio production. The aim is to update the potential of social transformation of community broadcasting in Tunisia.

More specifically:
• To evaluate the Tunisian legislation in the light of international standards of freedom of expression and to explore advocacy models for the reinforcement of the community radio broadcasting sector;
• To reinforce the advocacy capacities of the freedom of expression actors and social groups, during the definition of policies as well as during negotiation with authorities and the implementation of synergies for freedom of expression;
• To reinforce content production capacities with a gender approach though contributing to the setting-up of conditions in order to facilitate women access to community and associative radios;
•To reinforce actors' capacities and learning processes with a view to contents production and radio production on development themes corresponding to challenges lived by served communities;
• To set-up coordination instances and synergy for the reinforcement of right to communicate in Tunisia;