Vocalize and empower migrant workers through community radio


Ponorogo district occupies the second rank in East Java as a source or exporter of migrant workers. Most of migrants worker who are working abroad obtain success, but some go through failures and injustices as they try to earn a livelihood in another country. Women migrant workers especially experience more often a variety of problems such as human rights violations, sexual and psychological violence as well as abuse from employers hiring them.

With that reality, the presence of community radio becomes one of the media used by migrant workers and their families to gain access to information access they need. In commemoration of World Radio Day on February 13, 2016 we did a special interview with Anny Hidayati, a reporter and one of the managers in the community radio CAHAYA FM in Ponorogo - East Java.

This segment is produced by: Noor Chasanah, JRKDem

Photo: © JRKDem

JRKDem - Cahaya FM
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February 13, 2016