Geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt in Uganda. Vom Versuch Brücken zu schlagen (Gender-Based Violence in Uganda: An attempt to build bridges)


Being a woman, what does this mean in East Africa, Uganda? During the broadcast, Jean Kemitare, programme manager of Raising Voices Uganga looks into this and other questions. Because of her work in the field of prevention of violence against women, Jean Kemitare allows to make several links: between the experience of gender-based violence and the social norms of community, between local activities and their embedment in a global context, between so-called feminists of colour and western feminists.

The broadcast is based on an interview, which was taken during Jean Kemitare’s visit of a conference named Peking+20: Women’s Rights and Equality. Sharing Experiences > Thinking New > Shaping the Future on the 9th and 10th of June 2015, in Vienna, Austria.

Produced by Katharina Eichinger, Women on Air, Radio Orange 94.0

Picture provided by: Katharina Eichinger

Radio Orange 94.0 – Women on Air
German (moderator), English (guest) |
December 9, 2015