Our Lost Sisters in Canada


Feminicides – the killing of women because of their gender – have been occurring for decades in both Mexico and in Canada.

Why has there been so much impunity surrounding these cases and so little justice for the victims and their families? What can be done to put a stop to them, to help Mexican women and Indigenous women in Canada live their lives unthreatened and in peace, as they should in both countries?

What parallels can be drawn between both the Mexican and Canadian feminicides cases? 

In this two-part documentary series, Emma Noradounkian seeks answers to all of these questions, and more. The words, interviews, and production of this series are by Emma Noradounkian of CKUT.

This is part two of the documentary. Listen to part one here.

Picture provided by: Emma Noradounkian

English |
December 9, 2015