European Community Radios ask the respect of International standards on freedom of expression and pluralism

Bruxelles 21 May 2013 - May 18, 2013 Nearly 100 community media representatives from over 25 European countries, convened in Montpellier, France, as part of the Third Pan-European General Assembly of AMARC Europe to celebrate the transversal and inclusive approach of community radio stations at all levels.

Five years after the European Parliament resolution of 25 September 2008 that called on member states to more actively support community media to ensure media pluralism, and the latest OSCE declaration on Media Freedom Legal Framework of May 14, 2013, which highlights the need for recognition of the three sectors of communication, the situation on the field has worsened. The negligence and/or partisan interests of governments have allowed the appropriation of new technologies by commercial interests, which has increased media concentration and has limited the presence of non-profit media. On the other hand, over-regulation have caused the closure of many community radios in Europe.

Participants expressed the concern that national governments in their actions do not respect international standards on freedom of expression and pluralism and therefore requested European
governments to meet the recommendations and resolutions of European and international institutions on community broadcasting. The community radio movement is also aware of the importance of the existence of independent regulatory authorities, in especially in order to guarantee that the shift from analogue to digital technologies becomes an opportunity for more media pluralism rather than for further media concentration. Cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as technological innovation, are public good that need to be supported: their distribution should not be limited by mere commercial interests.


AMARC Europe and FRANC LR in Montpellier there the joint conference organizers. From 1990, the FRANC-LR actively participated in the creation of the current Confédération Nationale des Radios Associatives (CNRA). The FRANC-LR leads a union driven action with the aim to defend the civic values of free radio stations. As such, the Federation is among the promoters of the “Charter of Citizen Radio” (1996) and has contributed to the recognition -in the Audiovisual Broadcasting Bill of 1999- of the "local social communication" sector besides public service and commercial broadcasters. AMARC Europe is the regional branch of the world network that counts on more than 4,000 member stations around the world, Currently, AMARC Europe has more than 230 active members  (community radios, regional and national federations of community radios) in 23 European countries, and develops networking schemes in order to cover common events at the European level. Besides, the regional branch is actively involved in lobbying activities for the complete recognition of community media in Europe

More info:
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