Instructions for Registration

This page will help you for better understand the subscription process. Please read it carefully before you start.

1. Enter the information requested into the appropriate fields. Please answer all the required questions.
2. Review the information you entered for accuracy.
3. After filling the form you should press the "Send" button below to be transfered to the payment page
4. If you cannot pay online, make sure you indicate if you will pay in place or send a check.
5. If you choose to pay on-line, you will be re-directed to a secure page where you will be able to pay with your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD).

6. If you choose to pay in place or send a check, you will receive an email confirming your subscription.
Please note the registration fee for not member and members is 125 EUR.

If you have any question before starting your registration please write us an email to

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