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This March 22, 2013, AMARC community radio network, in Africa Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America, will ensure coverage of the World Water Day 2013 under the theme, "Water Cooperation" AMARC will encourage local indigenous, rural and urban radios to develop specific topics regarding awareness and solutions to the challenges to water and food security. AMARC will thus ensure that local community radios give voice to communities in order to highlight their particular experiences and concerns. AMARC will also be contributing through its website with information to local communities on global and local initiatives including those being carried out by the FAO. It will also seek increased interaction between development stakeholders.

AMARC will draw from the successful experiences such as the World Food Day Coverage and other international campaigns of AMARC like Radio Voices Without Frontiers, a Campaign against Racism and Discrimination and International Women's Day, among others. The International Secretariat in coordination with AMARC regional offices in Lima, Dakar, Katmandu and Brussels will facilitate the necessary coordination of the research, coordination, production and broadcast by chosen community radios in specific countries and for the internet broadcast all day March 22, 2013. The programming will be disseminated through the AMARC network with an outreach of some 5 million listeners in all continents. The archives of the radio programs broadcasted will ensure that a larger number of community radios, communicators and the general public will be able to broadcast or listen on-line after the event.