AMARC 30 years






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The Community Radio Movement: 30 Years Later: Successes and Challenges

Social Movements and Community Radios Conmemorate AMARC 30th Anniversary

Montreal, August 15, 2013. Community radios support social movements that seek to build a better world. They are also part of a global social movement for the right to communicate, movement that is disseminated over 127 countries worldwide. Those were the conclusion of today’s activities commemorating the 30th anniversary of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). To read more, click here.

Declaration of Montreal


Community radios in Asia by Ashish Sen

Les radios communautaires et le Sommet mondial sur la société de l'information par Emmanuel Boutterin

Successes and Challenges of the Community Radio Movement & AMARC 30 years on by Elizabeth Robinson

Community radios in Africa by Franklin Huizies

Community radios and women in North America by Frieda Werden

Community radios in Canada and United States : a comparison by Gretchen King

Women and AMARC by Laura Yaros

Community radios in the United States by Normand Stockwell

Community radios in Canada by Shelley Robinson

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, in collaboration with the Faculté de communication et l’École des médias de l’UQAM, partners and stakeholders, organises the international seminar « AMARC 30 years: Community Radios The World Movement », August 15th 2013 at UQAM, Montréal, Quebec. The seminar will be covered by Radio Centre-Ville, CKUT, CIBL and by the AMARC community radio world network it will also be available as a podcast on the AMARC website.

The international seminar will gather community radio practitioners, partners and stakeholders from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It consists on an opening reflection on the community radio mouvement 30 years later: successes and challenges; followed by Community radios in North America: history and perspectives; session on declaration to increase AMARC effectiveness, in preparation of AMARC 11. Finaly followed by a round table open to the public on « Social Movements and Right to Communicate », the indigenous movement, the arab spring movement in Tunisia, the « érable » spring in Québec and the occupy movement.

It was in Montreal that community radio activists met, in August 1983, for the first « Assemblée  Mondiale des Artisans des Radios Communautaires » (AMARC), to realise that the event reflected the existence of an embryonic world movement of community radios. Since then and after ten World Assemblies, the community radio movement has become a substantial and recognised global communication sector that has a vital social impact in making the world a better place. AMARC has accompanied the emergence of community radio as a world sector of broadcast and has decided to transform its 30th anniversary into an occasion to reflect with partners and stakeholders on how to increase community radio effectiveness and impact to combat poverty, exclusion and voicelessness and to promote social justice, comunication and human rights, gender equality and peaceful transitions.