International Women's Day: AMARC mobilized for equality of access to the airwaves

Montreal, March 8, 2014. For women all around the world, community radios are a privileged place where they make their voices heard and a space of emancipation. It is through these radios, vectors of education, culture and development, that women can enforce their role as major social actors.

Community radio reporter Alma Delia Olivares held without charges

Montreal, March 7, 2014. Mexico. The persistent struggle between free speech and authoritarian control of the press has reached a fine line in Mexico. Reporter for La Cabina, Alma Delia Olivares was detained on Friday February 28th 2014. Prosecution charges remain unknown and sources close to the family state that communication has halted since Saturday March 1st 2014. Thus far, all that is known is Alma has been transferred to a prison in Nayarit and a court date has not yet been determined.

Dead Sea Declaration Gives boost to Community Media in MENA region

More than 120 community radio activists from 14 Arab countries gathered at the lowest spot on Earth to talk about the challenges of producing, broadcasting and sustaining community owned media, especially radio. A declaration, the Dead Sea Declaration issued by the partcipants called for an "enabling legal and administrative environment that supports and sustains the work of these radio stations in local communities."