Jour de la terre 2014

Jour de la Terre // Dia de la Tierra // Earth Day 2014

  • Family food security in the Bolgatanga area of the Upper East region of Ghana


    Last year's farming season of the rain fed cultivation was very poor creating more food shortages in the rural communities amd forcing families to migrate to the bigger cities.One of such communities the Radio production team visited was Yikene in the Bolgatanga town. As in the opening song by the women which says" There is now hunger due to the changes in the weather and other conditions of our land. Our crops are no more what we know, but all the same we are coming together to fight the effects poor soils and the weather."... Summary of the issues in the program are that;the selection of short ripening variety and the use of compose manure to improve crops.

    Radio Gurune
    Frafra |
    April 14, 2014